Year-Round Film Programs

Make and Study Films with True/False and Ragtag Cinema


Classroom Visits and Filmmaker Presentations

Want to have someone from our team come to talk about the fest in your class or at a group meeting? We’d be happy to! We can do a 5-10 minute presentation and answer questions about the festival.

Want to have one of our filmmaker guests visit your class? We'd love to arrange that too! T/F facilitates director visits and school-wide assemblies, and supports after-school film clubs and special events. Please contact for details and to make a requests/arrangements.


T/F Boot Camp

Each year, a select group of high school students dive deeply into the True/False Film Fest and experience a weekend of exciting films, music, art, conversations, and workshops with a diverse crew of exceptional guests and local hosts. Based on their interests, Boot Campers choose their path through the festival - from music to art to journalism; they document their experience through writing, audio/video, interviews, or photography and share it with the community. Starting a couple months before the festival, the Boot Camp convenes to prepare for the fest, discuss relevant issues, share research, and plot their course. The Boot Camp brings together students with varying interests a way to access the fest. Applications are distributed in all the public high schools each fall. For more information, please email Presented by State Farm Insurance


T/F & Ragtag Cinema


High School Film Clubs

Based on student and faculty excitement, each of the public high schools has developed its own film club. Each club is run independently and according to the interests of its members. The clubs are a great way to meet other students who are interested in film or to just watch an awesome movie for free. Please contact each school's club leaders or ask at the main office for more information:
  • Hickman High School: Brett Kirkpatrick, Jeff Devero, Nicole Overeem

  • Rock Bridge High School: Abigail Trescott, Jake Giessman, David Bones

  • Battle High School: Daniel Gammon

  • Douglass High School: Laura Bolerjack

  • Columbia Area Career Center: Jeff Cochran

Or, please contact Jon Westhoff at Ragtag Cinema:


CAT TV (Columbia Access Television)

Columbia Access Television is an independent Community Media Center that empowers our community members and local nonprofits to share their diverse voices using video & media technology. CAT TV is a veteran sponsor of the festival and provides training, space, and equipment for our filmmaking programs.

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